Not my contest? Well yes it is actually

If you’ve been an avid viewer of this site, you’ll know that Mr Phil – bless him – has been keeping you up to date on all matters JESC.

If you’re one of that dismissive curmudgeonly bunch that thinks it’s a waste of time, bear in mind that many non-Eurovision fans think this about the main event in May. Not very nice is it?

So let’s embrace JESC as the breeding ground of stars of the future. And, if nothing else, the songs have to be (mainly) in the country’s national language. So you can hear Irish, Armenian, Hebrew and Australian. It’s on tomorrow (Sunday) at 1600 CET, online if the EBU knows what’s good for it.

And this is, arguably, the best ever winner of JESC, maybe even better than some senior ESC winners.

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