... it is that Mr Bushpepa is going to qualify. Eugent has been the best thing on that stage so far today. He's effortless with the high notes, and has just turned me from a doubter to a believer. His stagecraft is epic, and he's elicited the first round of applause from the assembled press centre.

It looks slick and professional and, apparently, he's very sexy so Lisa-Jayne says and she's got breasts of steel so I believe her. Though having said that, now we are the third run-through I'm finding him attractive and yet subtle.

That could also have something to do with the camera work, which is very him-focused.

On stage there are some backing girls and the rock drummer and stuff, but there is no doubt this has now become very good.

Qualifying? - Yes

Is he still in third gear? - Hell yes!

Image Credits: Thomas Hanses.


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