It's alright.

In the same way Monty didn't do a lot with Denmark, I can't do a lot with this. Not because I didn't watch it because I did - twice. It's just that even with all the pyro and sparkles and limited vocal potential, it falls as flat as a pancake.

She is doing everything on her own when the title of the song has a "we" in it.  Who is she singing to? - Who is she singing about? - I'm not sure and it disconnects with the voters for me. Couple that with the fact that Jessica's attire isn't the most flattering dress you've ever seen (and I'm no fashionista by any means, but see above), but there is still something to be said for styling och consulting!

The song has no oomph, it was very lacklustre and there is nothing worse in a Eurovision than being average or forgotten. This is very average and just makes me and others go, "meh".

Image Credits: Thomas Hanes.


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