Azerbaijan – X my underwhelmed heart


I are not happy. Smallest pressroom ever – no LAN only WiFi, and desks for community media located in places where we cant see a screen … AAAARGH

And then we start with Azerbaijan!

She starts lying on something that looks like Trivial Pursuit cheese pieces, arranged in some sort of circular pattern. Aisel seems to be somewhat lost on stage, as she wends her way through the first 90 seconds of the song. To be honest, things don’t get much better when her dancers join in, taking position on said cheeses – which now have their edges illuminated.

It all seems to be a little bit messy and underwhelming for me. It’s not the most exciting start to a contest, but then, it’s not the most exciting song I’ve ever heard. Europe will, on that performance, be equally underwhelmed.

Image Credits: Thomas Hanses.