Azeri Aisel in the snowy Alps!?


Morning all. Not so bleary eyed despite a busy day ‘off’ yesterday and here for the first semi final day one. Five hours sleep only last night but no ressaca (hangover or swell if we are talking like a salty old seaman, all aboard!)

Azerbaijan first up today and Aisel starts straddling a white wedge in the shape of an Alp. She’s wearing what looks like half a wedding dress and still sounding like an advert for Playtex bras in the 70s, double cross my heart! (showing my age there!) The camera pans back on the first chorus to reveal she’s plonked in the middle of five Alps and the backing singers/dancers appear also in white for flailing arms, jerky hand choreography and side strutting.

The wedges (I’ve just twigged could actually be icebergs, right) illuminate, and on screen glitter effects swirl around. I’m not a huge fan of this at all and, opening the semi, it actually feels more like an opening act rather than an entry.  

I guess, for what it is, this is working fine but it hasn’t been given the lift I was expecting by the staging. Oh, hold that reaction Rosé, there’s talk of pyros so that would lift it slightly. A solid start. 

Image Credits: Thomas Hanses.