Belgium! Oh. I love this song but I’m not sure about this presentation. Sennek is out on the bridge, the first performer to leave the main stage, so she’s standing out in that sense.

She’s wearing a sheer and black striped smock. There’s a close-up camera shot to open where the lighting, which we’re led to believe won’t be the finalised version until the second delegation rehearsals later in the week, catches only her forehead before panning slowly down to reveal her full face. It’s a little too close.

She’s alone on the stage, the backing vocalists not visible. It gives her an edge of vulnerability, but also a sense of being a little bit lost. Although she’s not dancing, she could do with being a little more choreographed in her gestures, giving a stylised performance, rather than looking like she’s just standing there singing it. I so want this to do well, but at the moment I’m not so sure. Still, look at how Blanche turned it around last year.

Image Credits: Thomas Hanses.