SuRie’s bezzie mate Sennek up next for Belgium and the opening shot is probably not working as well as it did on paper. It’s all darkness save for a wobbly light on her closed eyes (think Trijntje Oosterhuis) which then pans back slowly to reveal the whole face as her eyes open and then her frock which can be best described as ‘interesting’.

She’s opted for the 'house of bin-bag' with a black semi-see-through floor-length number held up by two black straps and a bodice that hangs off the shoulders, giving her no shape at all. I’m reliably informed this is a good choice for a skinny girl like Sennek, but it's surely an early contender for the Barbara Dex award for frock horrors?

She does look, with all due respect, like death warmed up and surely is only going ‘makeup free’ for this rehearsal?

I liked this song in the build-up but it’s very much not working for me live. She’s on the catwalk in the crowd and goes for a little wander for the middle minute but looks so relieved to get back to the safety of her microphone stand. I was worried about her vocal before Lisbon but that, thankfully, seems much improved with the help of offstage backing vocals.

I’m underwhelmed and, as dark as this is staging wise, it’s no dark horse anymore. 

Image Credits: Thomas Hanses.