So the Rybak opens the second semi final and the Norwegian package is pretty much ready to go. We missed the first run-through, but the second and third looked confident and assured -some say smug - but I wouldn’t go that far. He knows how to perform this and portray fun and charm and lots of viewers will be engaged from the moment it starts. 

He’s wearing a short blue jacket for the part where he is sitting down fiddling with on-screen things. The graphics are pretty much the same as at the Norwegian final, with a few extra additions such as hearts and swirly bits. The backing singers are wearing blue and silver glittery outfits and the choreography is as before.

This has every chance to bring him his second victory at the contest and I’m not as annoyed as some here about his perceived smugness. Of course, I don’t want to pay £11 for a beer next year, but there’s every chance I will have to. This is very dangerous. 

Image Credits: Thomas Hanse.