No ruddy Superbock in the Fan slash Press tent, I’ll be writing to my MP. So back ready for Waylon, sorry Wilhem, but the feed down again so we’ve missed the first run through although I doubt there will be surprises here.. 

Ooh, I was wrong! Costume surprise AND guitarists who double up as interpretive dancers shocker! He's wearing a black and yellow leopard print mid length jacket and is surrounded on the stage cluster with three guys in headscarves playing the guitar who spontaneously dump the guitars and embark in a spot of 'dance' in a style I don't think I've ever witnessed. Think 'convulsion meets electric shock' and you'll be somewhere close. At the end they leave Waylon alone on the raised stage to do some jerky ridiculousness and back-flips, it feels to be totally superfluous with a country rock song and a bad decision.  

Vocally this is totally solid and there is a guy beating the drum at the back which adds some depth to the whole thing but why oh why the addition of irrelevant and distracting dancing? 

Image Credits: Andres Putting.