Grandpa Gromee now and pretty boy Lukas Meier for Poland and this is delivering everything I expected but still leaving me a little bit wanting. Apart from Gromee’s naff dancing behind the ‘decks’, there’s actually nothing much wrong with it. Three female backing singers to the right of the stage add a much needed party feel to this uptempo ‘dance lite’ track and Lukas manages the vocal without too many dropped notes, although he’s a bit strained at times. He goes for a run over the bridge and does a dash along the catwalk for the final chorus and this will work when the arena is full. 

They’ve added pyros for the choruses and I think more will be added for the final run through. There’s a few unfortunate shots of Gromee’s arse as he forgets to turn in time to do his naff moves to the steadycam but sure this will be tightened up. This is solid enough but, should they qualify, it will be lost and forgotten on May 12th. 

Image Credits: Andres Putting.