I don't know what to think or type here. I love this song, and can't hide that and when I saw it in the DMGP, I thought "you know what, it's not half bad" -and then Monty of this parish tells me how hideous it is, and he gave it a big fat bagel ...  Cue sad faces from this webmaster.

So I come back from a filling lunch at Wok to Walk in the Vasco do Gama centre and I see an exact carbon copy performance of what people saw at the DMGP, and I mean exactly the same (and our table have just compared the two, and we are right) -  bar the waving of a white flag at the end of the performance - which could well signify that they have given up on this qualifying and that is a crying shame.

There is still the two sail set up, the five singers all stand in a line, there is minimal movement from any of them. No matter how strong and strident the song, I just feel as though DR haven't cared enough about the song or the staging to give it the boost it needs.

DR - Get your finger out and stop being lazy.

Image Credits: Thomas Hanses.