Elina and that frock and that voice doing everything you would expect of them with this. Piercingly on point vocals and, for an opera singer used to singing for the galleries, she managed some warm looks down the camera. The only problem for me is the structure of the song, there’s not much tune in there. In addition, there’s really not much heart to it I feel. The dress effects are very impressive on screen and, for the average viewer, will be an impressive relief after the pantomime of Belarus. I think this should have a chance to qualify. 

I’m doing a double header here as I’m running out of steam and the press centre is hot and sticky now after being chilly this morning. Even a well earned SuperBock mini after Belarus has not perked me up! Bulgaria last up to perform today and I was thoroughly impressed with this first rehearsal for Equinox. Stunning vocals and a confident staging on a raised mini stage with some nice mixing up of camera shots. Lots of split screens and merging shots of the individual singers add to the performance and don’t distract. My only criticism would be it’s a little dark and Zhana the female singer looks a little sinister but she’s surely bringing the attitude. This is the first time I’ve seen Bulgaria as a potential winner. 

Image Credits: Andres Putting.