Surie looks thrilled
"Thrilled, I tell you, absolutely thrilled"

Depending on how you deal with this kind of thing, you'll either be relieved and super-primed for the dress rehearsals and live shows, or sad that we'll no longer be by your sides picking things tom pieces. Most likely the former.

It was a shorter day today with the 'Big Five' and Portugal having their second run-through. The Greeks managed to squeeze in an extra run-through based on technical issues the other day (a bit like the Danes who also wrangled a second late night try at creating a snow storm yesterday).

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What's next from OnEurope

Fear not, we're still here and holding your hand through what's to come. We'll be blogging from the rehearsals on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, and Mo will take to his sofa armed with Kettle Chips and white cider to cover the live shows. We'd love you to chime in and help us with your thoughts.

We're off to have a bath before Mr Phil live blogs from the Blue Carpet, but here's a few thoughts from today ...

Cláudia PascoalPortugal

Cláudia is now in what looks like a long wool cardigan - probably with ample pocketage for all those gardening tools. Isaura sticks with her 'Kevin the Teenager' look; today opting for a red and white nylon bomber jacket from the sales rack at Top Man.

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United Kingdom

There are several in the bubble from outside of the UK who are saying how much they like it though and expressing surprise it’s not higher with the bookies.

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Amaia y AlfredSpain

You’d think I’d have had my sugar overload this week with the sheer amount of caipirinhas I’ve managed to neck but I’m still lapping up every sweet treat this can serve me.

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It’s too busy for me. They’ve brought their own projection backdrop in lieu of there not being an LED screen, and words and concepts are picked out behind Michael as he sings.

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Madame MonsieurFrance

They look good, they sound good, and now they move well to boot. It's dark, with red highlights on accessories such as shoes ... and Emelie’s blonde hair make this a stand-out.

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The singers feel like they’ve reigned in the shoutier aspects of the vocals, a welcome change and one I hope holds once they get on stage with the adrenalin of the crowd.

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Image Credits: Monty, Andres Putting.


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