So following on from our cheesy breakfast and the cheesy pop of Australia we have Georgian ethno-jazz band Iriao bringing something very classy. Now I’ll admit this is not my ‘taco de cha’ at all and I often skip it when listening to the songs, but this looks and sounds gorgeous. I expected some interpretive dancing to this as in the video, in fact I would have bet money on a girl with a sheet wafting around, but thankfully they’ve left her back in Tbilisi. 

They are dressed in immaculate suits or waistcoats and the three vocalists are spaced out nicely on stage between the keyboard player and the guitarist. They have a nice mix of looks at eachother and down the camera which makes the performance intimate and honest and the long shots are timed perfectly. There’s dry ice on the last run through and a pyro wall and this suddenly becomes very powerful and I’m finding I love it. What a nice surprise, this is in with more than a shout to qualify. 

Image Credits: Andres Putting.


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