Germany tap into the family-friendly vibe

Michael Schulte

With Monty at the Press Conference where SuRie picked which part of the show she would perform in, it's down to me to scan the net and let you know what others through of the German song.

Michael has changed very little today. he still looks and sounds like Ed Sheeran's less hungry brother, and the backdrop continues to wow. It felt a bit odd to read so many fans claiming this as a winner purely on the basis of a few projections. That's how important staging has become.

ESCExtra notes: "Michael’s vocals are, as expected, just as spot on as they always have been. He handles the whole thing wonderfully with no backing vocals."

ESCKaz called it "a solid performance and a radio ballad on a very personal topic."

Richard at Eurovision Ireland was another one who felt the backdrop too distracting: "The CGI graphics have been tidied up, but sadly the motion sickness causing patterns are still projected. I can safely say Germany won’t continue their run of last place finishes."

At Eurovoix, reports suggested the first few tries suffered with weak vocals, but this was fixed by the final run-through: "The loudness of the piano does take away a lot of the emotion from his voice, and the red graphics in the last 30 seconds don’t fit the emotion that’s trying to be conveyed. This should still manage a mid-table position."

Image Credits: Andres Putting.