This song - to me - is a return to a time when Europe decided that sounding ethnic at Eurovision was a thing, and everyone tried to play to it to some degree.

I've only just noticed that she actually has one blue hand - and for reasons that are actually beyond me she keeps looking at it through the three minutes. Maybe she's got a problem with her circulation, and that's what the song is about ... because I'm buggered if I know what it all means.

Yianna is also wearing a wedding dress on stage, which flows nicely, but I feel it distracts from the song. She also seems to have a cut in the midriff, which is worrying. The overall impression for me is that this song is trying to recapture past glories ... but, then again, when your broadcaster has gone ethnic deliberately, this is what you get.

It's not a car crash by any means. It's just old-fashioned.

Image Credits: Andres Putting.