It's approaching port o'clock as I sit here in the living room of OnEurope Towers and, as a number of you have seen it's very compact and Bijou here this year - I think the best way to describe our accommodation is "Long and Thin".  That works... cos I got the room next to the fridge and the toilets and at my age.......

Anyway, you need regaling with tales of sun and sea and... sangria.  But no, NO SUN today (sadface) - we had rain.... clearly there is a Portuguese Version of Michael Fish going " Don't worry, the rain is only temporary" - yeah well it had bloody better be young fellamelad!

Also, for those that are coming via the Aerobus - the bells don't work which mean that your young Senhor will not stop the bus at your correct stop and will make you walk in a biblical rain shower back to your abode!  We can also confirm that the Vasco Do Gama centre opposite the arena has a great food court on the third floor where one can get a plethora of fried meat products and chips and salad or Rizotto (sans Laura) and an imperial beer and STILL have change from 7 of your European Euro!

What's happening tomorrow? - In a nutshell possibly the WORST hour of music in the history of the Eurovision, lots of cheese and other stuff that makes us guffaw.   Please come along and enjoy it with us - It's not the same without you.