Balkanika next up for Serbia and I really like this song. The staging is pretty much as I would have expected with the old guy on a plinth on the left and the drummer on the right with four kettle drums that are glittery lilac in colour as are the girls dresses. They also have assorted black rope bodice attachments which make them look like they would be a beggar to untie so let’s hope they are not going for any frock changes. The male lead wears a long black flowing jacket and the beard is a fine specimen that I’m sure That Monty will be frothing at the mouth over it soon enough! 

This is vocally assured and sounds solid based on the first runs through. The wailing is done pretty well to start but then the performance just ‘plateaus’ for me stalling at only ‘mildly interesting’. The staging is simple, some would argue underwhelming, although what else could you do with this? Mmm, I think this one is borderline. 

Still, it’s a nice mix of songs to open the second semi final and I am enjoying these three more than I enjoyed anything yesterday up until Cyprus! I would say this will struggle to make the cut as it just hasn’t wide enough appeal and we have seen and heard it all before haven’t we!?

Image Credits: Thomas Hanses.