Ari - from your real land of icebergs - next up and he’s joined by five backing singers and no piano or instruments, despite what my sources led us to believe.

He likes his red doesn’t he?! He’s lost the red suit from the Icelandic final but found a red shirt and some red ‘trimmage’ on a white jacket ... and snug-fitting white trousers. Five backing singers in black and red lurk in the shadows and move forward for the last minute, making it quite intimate.

His vocal is good and he’s smiling and finding the cameras pretty much from the start. He loses the microphone stand for the bridge. and there’s a long shot pulling back from the stage as he hits that high note.

Vocally strong and about as much as could be expected for this dated ballad, but I’d doubt very much this will progress. That’s a shame as he’s so so sweet. 

Image Credits: Thomas Hanses .