Ermal Meta e Fabrizio Moro

And talking about songs with a message, Italy closes the Big 5 rehearsals this morning, though we have an additional run from Greece to go, as they have a technical issue that needs another go. We don’t yet know what that is regarding.

But until they come up, we have Italy and this is enormously improved for me from Friday. The singers feel like they’ve reigned in the shoutier aspects of the vocals, a welcome change and one I hope holds once they get on stage with the adrenalin of the crowd.

I still feel the on-screen graphics are distracting, but this is a fine balance to get right. The song has such an emotional message, about the futility of war, violence and terrorism that resonates so much with so many European nations at the moment, many scarred from their own personal tragedies. It’s a fine balance: this needs something to get the message over, but the amount of graphic additions feels too much.

Overall a massive improvement, and I’m suddenly really enjoying this.

Monty x

Image Credits: Thomas Hanses.