... did they get very very good.

The first thing that we have to say is LOSE THE GRAPHICS. You'll understand when you see this, and the consensus around the UK generic table with sensible people on it is that it has gone up in everyone's estimation (except Mo at home, who scored this 12 points).

He saw something in this song that I didn't see until now. It's a simple song about her own mortality which makes it a very powerful lyric, and LRTV have brought it to life (pardon the pun) by getting a performer in Ieva who can emote the living fuck out of this song.

It's got graphics about Ieva's children and parents and grandparents (in the story of the song) and, in a very clever twist, they even have the rainbow bridge where she meets her *actual* husband on the bridge above the audience.

Cue all sorts of crying on this table and Europe are gonna go "you know what, this is bloody brilliant" and is a complete juxtapose with the clucking chicken coming after it.

Talking of which ...

Image Credits: Andres Putting.