Oh Ieva, you’ve just given me my first moment of rehearsals, might have almost shed a tear there! I know am in ballad mode this year (when aren’t I?) but that really works well.

Ieva sits onstage replete with pink floor-length layered skirt and a chunky off-the-shoulder jumper. Black and white overlays on screen with old couples embracing and families with children at different life stages. Yep, it’s tugging on all sorts of your heart strings this and I lapped it up.

She then proceeds to one of the bridges for, presumably, a ponder and a reflection on her life and is joined by a hunky guy for a kiss as the song closes. Others here assume it’s her husband Marius, wouldn’t mind growing old with him!

This is vocally solid, honest and utterly convincing whilst retaining the fragility of the studio version and could steal some of Ireland’s thunder. 

Image Credits: Andres Putting.