Live Blog – Eurovision 2018 second semi final

Live blog second semi-final

It’s time for ‘Fanning’s Folly II – This time it’s personal – and another one of those fancy little live blogs that OnEuropean visitors seem to have taken to their fabulous hearts this year. Tonight, I’ll be relaxing on my chaise longue, laptop in hand ready to give out about the second semi-final – which promises to be an even more confusing affair than the one we enjoyed together just two nights ago.

Join me at 8pm (UK) or 9pm (CET) and share your views. And if you’re here early, share your predictions in the comments box below.

Quick promotional message, I’m doing the Grand Final on Saturday too. Please join me.

May 10, 2018 8:00 pm
Latest update 4 years ago
So what happens next ...

Mr Fanning is giving out over how he equaled my 8/10 from Tuesday. Nobody likes a show off. It's time to sign off - I'll be back on Saturday night.

It's the press conference now for the qualifiers and then the producers have a huddle around the running order with an announcement expected later tonight (or possibly early tomorrow). We'll bring you our 'Eurovision for Dummies' table tomorrow morning.

Who's through?

I'm still here, just eating a doughnut, so here 's the list ...

Serbia, Moldova, Hungary, Ukraine, Sweden, Australia, Norway, Denmark, Slovenia and ... Netherlands.

(no Russia!)

Prediction time

I'm clueless, so have decided to put it in the hands of Mr Fanning, and here are his choices ...

Norway, Denmark, Moldova, Georgia, Netherlands, Australia, Malta, Sweden, Slovenia, Ukraine


He’s been promoting his perfume in Lisbon, it’s called black gas – and that sounds about as appealing as this am-dram rickety show. He’s cleverly hidden vocal weaknesses although the staging looks to have taken a huge gulp of that ‘how to stage Eurovision’ skit from the Swedish hosts a few years back.

The song itself – let’s not forget this is a song contest – isn’t that bad ... sort of Coldplay lite. On an evening of truly terrible performances, it should get through, if only somebody could have held back.


I don’t get it. I don’t like it. But I see how others might. At least I did until they do this weird stunt where they pretend it’s all gone tits up[ in the tech box. On stage jokes never work, Lea, never. And you could have lost some jury points along with televotes and denied your place in the final – certainly the odds back this up with some places offering 500/1 on it for an overall win today.


In blue bubble wrap and without managing to look at the camera for most of the song, it’s like Vanja knows this dated plate of tripe isn’t getting a second serving.


Benji really did need to look at how big his bum looks in that short pleather jacket. Skinny jeans can do that if you’re that way endowed. The tagging lends it an air of not being in the same hall, as if the Swedes have sent a music video, and it’s only thanks to a wider shot that we realise it’s not the case. Mr Fanning remarked that it felt a bit weak for Sweden (he called it a bad Micheal Jackson pub tribute act) and I’m inclined to agree. But it’s through – of course it is – and let’s see the headache it hands Dame Bjorkman if it draws the first half of the contest.

Quick update from behind the scenes

On the 9th of May, Chinese broadcaster Mango TV broadcast the first Semi-Final of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest live but two performances were censored. This is not in line with the EBU's values of universality and inclusivity and our proud tradition of celebrating diversity through music. It is with regret that we will therefore immediately be terminating our partnership with the broadcaster and they will not be permitted to broadcast the second Semi-Final or the Grand Final.


This is a second sucessive contest low point for me. In many ways it’s worse than the crud from San Marino or that noise from Hungary, as it takes itself so seriously. And she looks like she could eat a King Size Kit Kat sideways on with that mouth. It's very red. Laura's vocals went really off towards the end.


Not my thing at all, way too much flashing strobe on screen to watch. A train wreck. I struggle to understand the late attraction this has enjoyed after being written off all season – has everyone tired of simple pop and needs the polar opposite. I can’t see viewers feeling the same. Those who like this sort of music assure me it’s a fairly average lightweight example, so even its fans struggle to like it.

Based on tonight, you really couldn't be a Eurovision fan if you're a photo sensitive epileptic.

Bag of shite.

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  1. 7 out 10, worse than the first semi.
    Romania and Russia are out for the first time. Ukraine is the last country remain with 100% qualification record.

    Serbia – I don’t think anyone was expecting this one to go through.

    Again – 6 from 1st half and 4 from 2nd half

    BTW – according to the Dutch commentators, 2 of Tuesday’s qualifiers, qualified with the assistance of the televoters

  2. Slovenia – vocals are good, something we should commend in this awful semi.
    And it went all good until the “fake” break. That was totally unnecessary

  3. Sweden – Not singing on his own. In fact, it’s a case where you hear the backing singers more than him.
    How come Sweden is trying to hide he is singing a live gig in an arena?

  4. Malta – for the first minute of the song, her face are lit in red- not a really a good choice.
    It really is too busy and I don’t really get the story she is trying to tell

  5. Poland – the lead singer is having problems with singing the first verse. In fact he has problems singing the whole song.
    And for a mid up-tempo, it’s quite flat

  6. Australia – she looks like a drag queen and why is she alone on stage.
    Vocals are competent and she is aided with the backing singers. she miss some notes here and there.
    This is how you don’t stage this kind of song

  7. The Netherlands – a combination of a good song and awful fashion choice and awkward staging. The staging distract from the song

  8. Denmark – competent. No surprises there, but never expected anything else from them. Some of the camera shots are wrong

  9. My prediction(in order of appearance):

    The Netherlands

    In semi 1 I had to think who will stay out. In this semi I have to think who has more chances of qualifying. Some of the qualifiers will do that because someone has to, not because the song deserve to qualify.

    Romania and Russia are both in the danger of missing out for the first time but I can’t see both of them missing. Romania seem to be doing better and Russia is not even trying.

    Georgia is here as personal favourite.

    Some of the songs(Latvia and Malta) are suffering from the running order. There are just squeezed between 2 entries that have more to offer.

    Montenegro – He can sing this but is lacking in the charisma department

  10. Ukraine – diction is not good. Vocals are ok.
    Can someone explain me how the whole staging has anything to do with the song?

  11. Montenegro – It’s a fine song and he is a fine singer but no charisma and no contact with the camera

  12. Latvia – she misses some of the camera shots. red dress with a red background- bad choice, you are basically drawn in the decor. but she is point on vocals.

  13. Hungary – not my kind of song and I can’t really judge of the notes they miss are part of the song or not

  14. Russia – already shakey vocals from first moment. It really is bad when you try to hide your lead singer.
    She has hard time singing and the backing singers are doing all the job

  15. My prediction – late because I got home from work at 7pm to find water coming through the ceiling downstairs, had the plumber round who can’t find the issue, and I’ve got to take a break at some point to call the insurance company 🙁

    In decreasing order of likelihood:

  16. Serbia – wailing it through and I think 2 of the female singers are a bit too low in the mix

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