Malta and their open heart surgery


Malta have found their way around the lack of LED screens in Portugal by bringing their own, and what a difference it’s made. There is a projected heart on screen at the beginning of the song, which matches the thumping back beat – a good piece of forward thinking from TVM.

Christabelle looks very severe, but in this instance it matches the song. She knows where the camera is and belts this stomper out to great effect.

There is an argument that the staging is “busy” – and yes, there is a lot to take in: fire and lasers and a dancing woman behind the screens, but I’m not so sure that in this case it’s distracting us from the lack of song.

It is a direct contrast with Poland who sing before, both musically and visually, and when the push comes to shove between two uptempo songs, this is the better one.

Image Credits: Andres Putting.

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