In excellent contrast to Poland, Malta now shows us what you can do with a dance track if you don’t have to accommodate a walloping great DJ. Christabelle starts stood in the middle of 4 large standing screens, arranged so as if they were four sold sides of an octagon there’d be four open sides between them. She’s alone within them, as they create a kind of prison or oubliette around her, similar to the caged settings we’ve seen in earlier presentations of this song. The camera spins around them, and a heart (the organ, not the emoji) is overlayed across Christabelle’s chest.

In a symbolic breaking out of her confines Christbelle moves forward onto the stage and a dancer replaces her. From the tight camera work we now see more wide shots and the stage is alive with colours. It coincides with the moment where the dance beat intensifies, pulsating to a dark beat in keeping with the song’s theme of the challenging the stigmas around mental health, and how it can restrict you in everyday life.

This is great, an excellent job by the Maltese. I had a regard for this from its national final, and it’s flown very much under the radar during the build-up. Now might be its chance to shine.

Monty x

Image Credits: Andres Putting.