Moldovan hora in bedroom farce crowdpleaser shocker!


From Russia to – well – Russia. Or at least inasmuch as this is written by the great Russian composer and artist Philipp Kirkorov, this time rented out to Moldova. Can DoReDos equal the surprise success of Sunstroke Project last year? They have the jollity and charm to do well, with this unmistakable Balkan brassy sound.

They’ve pulled off a blinder with this staging, it’s gone down a treat here! There’s what looks like a large set of cupboards on stage with various doors that open and close, fully, and half-door stable style. Our three cheeky Moldovans act out a kind of bedroom farce as doors open and close and the female one sneaks from one male partner to the other. I’m expecting a saucy vicar to pop on in a moment saying “Whoops! There go my bloomers!”.

As our toothsome threesome act out their own story they’re mirrored by three backing performers, wearing the same outfits and hairstyles who we see appearing in sections – feet, midriff, or backs of heads – through the opening and closing doors. It adds a great sense of comedy charm to this already fun performance. By the end they all get to come on stage, as matching pairs, joining hands aloft for a good old Moldovan hora.

After the somewhat contrived nature of actual Russia, borrowed Russia is a heck of a lot of fun!

Monty x

Image Credits: Thomas Hanses.