Christabelle from Malta now, and they’ve brought four LED screens which are clustered onstage around a mini raised stage where Christabelle starts dressed tastefully in black with hair pulled back in a pony tail. As the second verse starts, she exits the screen and a backing dancer is revealed who stays inside the cluster. There’s are lasers from behind the stage which add to the onscreen imagery and flames for the last run through. 

The LED screens look fantastic on the screen with a myriad of human and animal imagery and there is a detailed human heart overlay onto her during the first verse. The camera swirls around the screen picking out the dancer trapped inside the screens as a metaphor to being trapped by our demons. This looks absolutely fantastic visually and Malta have played a staging blinder here. Towards the end of the song, Christabelle turns to emote to one of the screens almost as if she’s looking back to the dancer as her previous life when she was trapped. There’s a cracking glass graphiic to symbolise breaking free (at least that’s what I took from it!) 

I really didn’t like this before as I found the lyrics in the chorus lazy and the whole thing a bit cheap. Now, with this staging, the verses have been lifted significantly and the cheap chorus sounds acceptable. They’ve gone from no-hopers to in-with-a shout. As a TV show package, this has almost everything ... except perhaps a stronger chorus. Malta should be in with a shout to qualify with this. 

Image Credits: Andres Putting.