Bom dia, Oneuropeans! Tudo bem? I’m refreshed today. I had an early night, and a good scrubbing this morning; trimmed my beard, shaved my riah, and I’m raring to go. It’s a shame it’s potentially the dullest day of rehearsals of the lot really. There’s not a lot in this second half of the second semi that would trouble the top end of my scorecard, so I’m rather hoping someone unlikely will chuck in a kitchen sink and double drainer.

We stopped for a salgado at a quiosque this morning, as we’d not done enough shopping for breakfast. Vegetarian traditional Portuguese food is a little difficult to find, even though international cuisine options are now relatively easy, so we ended up with a sweet croissant with a slice of cheese in it. Not quite what I was expecting.

We’re now in situ and ready for Georgia.

This is lovely. There are five of the seven group members on the stage; three just singing, one with a guitar and another with a keyboard. They’re in smart, dark suits. It’s a simple presentation, with a bit of billowing dry ice; in fact, it’s just the kind of music without fireworks that Salvador himself would be keen on. Except they have set it to fireworks; a golden shower of magnificence brings us to a climax.

The harmonies are the stars here and they sound sumptuous. We’ve moved into the second hall of the press centre which was opened yesterday, and the sound in here is much improved. I didn’t think this had much of a chance but given what it has to beat this will now be on my serviette of doom as we make our tip 10 predictions for qualification.

Image Credits: Andres Putting.