Poland is up next. I do like this song, but it’s just not right on stage. They’ve done what they can to take some attention away from Gromee and Lukas by adding some backing singers, but nothing can really disguise that this is a dance song that should exist in audio, with a piece of concept or abstract film to it if you must have a visual. Dance songs performed at Eurovision are restricted to standing awkwardly at a deck we all know isn’t actually making any sound, and it just looks wrong.

Lukas is continuing to wear his trademark leathers and both he and Gromee are sporting wide-brimmed hats. This is fine, if they want to dress like this, but it’s not right for this genre of song when it’s being presented on the international stage. In an attempt to look les static, Gromee does some wavy-hand dancing at the decks, further showing his hands aren’t needed on them. It’s the wavy-handed version of dad-dancing at a wedding, and it’s a world of wrong on stage.

It’s a shame because this is one of the better dance tracks this year; it could be a big summer hit and will be great at 3am in the EuroClub, mainly because we can’t see them.

Monty x

Image Credits: Andres Putting.