The first 45 seconds of this has everything - It has a blonde woman, Cristina, with MASSIVE Dynasty shoulder pads and a purple dress. You have the rest of the band in white. You have masks like Austria 1977 (look it up on YouTube, young ones). You have two of her guitarists trying to strangle her in an auto-erotic asphyxiation kind of way and then you have a cracking soft-rock song kicking into life for the remaining 2 1/4 minutes.

Also the staging is very ... strange to the viewers. They have mannequins in masks on stage, so the overall effect is like either the band is singing in a NEXT changing room or they are humans, right, singing to the non-humans on the television (get it now?).

It's art house Eurovision at its very best, rather than a performance of a decent soft rock song. Even though Romania has a very strong qualification record, I don't know if there is going to be enough depth here to get through. If you are an 1980's child and grew up with this kind of thing, you'll like it. If, as I suspect, you're a fan of a younger generation, you will recoil in horror.

Also ... Total Eclipse of the Heart ... Romania called ... They want to borrow your video!

Image Credits: Thomas Hanses.