Nova Deca

Hhm. Serbia’s not great. Musically this has plenty to stand out, but visually they’re making a bit of a fist of it. There’s some flowing robes on three female singers, one of whom is now more obviously taking the lead, with two backing. This helps for onscreen balance, but they’ve given them too much choreography and too little purpose. The older chap stands on a podium as the camera fails to make any feature of him whatsoever, and a oil can drummer stands on the opposite side of the stage, who is featured more prominently.

It’s very, very odd. There’s a lot of aimless plodding about on the stage with plenty of gesticulating and pointing at nothing in particular. Mladen looks resplendent with his magnificent beard but seems to not quite know what he’s doing as the three backing singers flounce about.

This isn’t working at all at the moment, or at least not for me.

Monty x

Image Credits: Thomas Hanses.