Just for context here, I said in my review of this song:

"And then the lyric reminds me of words randomly thrown together in a rush, in order to fulfil the language rules *and* it’s in the first semi final - which means that however good it appears to be, it’s going to struggle."

I didn't realise that I was channelling Nostradamus as I wrote that paragraph, because it is all that ... with added stage mincing. Corrine is the "#metoo" angry woman, being very aggressive and stomping around the stage including a jaunt 'over the Rainbow Bridge' where - as if at a pop concert rather than taking part in a television show where her bro is bashing out a steady beat on the drums, and generally supporting her.

This is an angry song, performed angrily, by an angry singer. It leaves me underwhelmed, and there seems to be nothing to get people picking the phone up and voting for it. There's no connection to the audience - and even when Corrine looks into the camera, I find I've lost interest - and Europe will too, and that's a shame.

Image Credits: Andres Putting.