Mikolas up next on a plinth centre stage, accompanied by two backing dancers either side on mini platforms that illuminate aqua marine. He’s in usual attire, white shirt and trainers, black bow-tie with skinny black trousers at half mast - which is what all the kids do these days, isn’t it? 

Complaints from the dancers in the first run-through that their mini stages are wobbling and Mikolas starts with his microphone in his trouser pocket, but asks for it off at this point as he doesn’t want to broadcast the rustle from his groin area! Ahem! 

Lots of cutting to the dancers breakdancing and one is miming the trumpet. It’s a distinctly busy performance taking in the catwalk to ‘get down with the fans’ and a game of pass the parcel with the rucksack. There’s even a mad dash back onto the plinth to do a forward somersault for the last bit and if this can be nailed will fun and have impact. But, and there’s a but, I’m a little underwhelmed.

Of course it’s a first rehearsal but I’m finding the camera shots a bit messy and there’s too much emphasis on the dancers. It’s lacking some cohesion at the moment for me. He’s confident and clearly holding back a bit and knows what he wants so, therefore, I’m confident it will be tightened up. 

Image Credits: Thomas Hanses.