Ooh my second favourite of the year now and The Humans and Romania, yes I know I’m weird! I absolutely love the soft rock feel to this and I think Cristina the lead singer has a wonderful voice and really engages me from the moment she starts. Here’s me thinking this would be a standard band staging and I’d not have much to say but, no, they’ve surprised us all with this and I’m not quite sure what to think. 

This opens with the female backing girl bringing a white mask onto the stage. They’re all in white save for Cristina the lead vocalist who is wearing a floor length purple number with big shoulder pads and a slit that shows just enough of her legs and hot pants. For the opening, guitarists are flanking her but facing the back of the stage with white masks on the back of their heads wearing what can only be described as white wrap around bed sheets. You keeping up?!

A little bit of arty interaction with them (presumably depicting being held back and trying to leave a restrictive relationship) before the camera pans out to reveal the band are surrounded by groups of black naked mannequins with white masks. Still with me!? As the song builds she has a little wander through the mannequin forest before joining her band mates for the guitar chorus and there are some nice wide shots as the song reaches its climax. 

You know, this is working. I really wondered if this song took a little too long to get going and it probably still does but they’ve given the average viewer enough to hold attention in the first minute and a half. I love this musically because it’s a different structure to a normal pop rock song and I now love the staging because they have thought about it. Yes of course it’s not winning this contest or even a dead cert to qualify at this stage but I’m pleasantly surprised. Singing second in a semi is not the kiss of death it would be in the final. 

Image Credits: homas Hanses.