Thanks to Ewan over at Escinsight for that tag line!

Jessica Mauboy better be being paid well because they’ve got her doing almost everything on her own on that stage. Pretty much all the singing and the dancing and flouncing and hair flicking, give her a lighter and broom and she might as well light the pyros and clean the stage whilst she’s at it. I know the airfares are expensive but surely she should be joined onstage by someone, anyone? It’s called WE’VE Got Love. 

She’s in a shiny short purple dress with long train and red shoes that look more wedge than high heel and that’s probably because giving it her all on that stage. She’s ever so smiley and enthusiastic and nailing the vocal but I can get over the fact she looks a bit lost out there. The staging is dark to start with with metal bars in a kind of arrowhead formation lit up by the lights pulsing in time to the music. As it goes along, the back stage lights up more and there are pyros. She’s solid and confident and probably qualifying but I would have liked some more camaraderie on stage and a group hug at the end. 

Image Credits: Thomas Hanes.