Lisbon airport

Wheels up! We’re on our way to Eurovision! Your intrepid (is that the right word? Insipid?) twosome are on the road. Time to get super excited. 17 nights in our favourite city. Whatever shall we find to do with ourselves?

We’re super early this year, the earliest I’ve ever been out to Eurovision, so that means no insider scoops travelling with the artistes as we did with Englebert to Baku. It’s a shame; we’d have made SuRie’s journey so much nicer for her.

The plane is packed so we’re shunted right down the back, but at least that means we’re near the galley so can pester the crew for favours. It’s a far cry from getting whisked ahead of that curtain to the posh seats. My, how the mighty (lucky) have fallen!

So, schedule is, as you’ll no doubt know by now, dear reader, Sunday morning press centre for the first rehearsals. Tonight we may just check out the best of Lisbon’s late-evening leisure activities for the hirsute gentleman and the Blonde Brasileiro sidekick. I mean, we know them like the back of our hands, but we just want to make sure, you understand. Start as we mean to go on. We’ll have a bit of supper first to line our stomachs, don’t worry.

Now, what’s the Portuguese for “Does this cod pasty come in a vegetarian version?”

Monty x