Netta Dancers

Netta brings her Toys (plural) to the stage - two tall cabinets chock full of golden Chinese waving cats to be precise, oh and the mixing deck looper! The backing girls are the same, one looking like a young Ellen DeGeneres with pink hair and, the other, a young Nadia Sawalha. 

She looks great in a red, pink and black long-sleeved short kimono with a paint splashed corset and matching boots. The dancers are matching in colour with all-in-one suits and start off on one the stage bridge before joining Netta on the main stage and the catwalk. Plumes of pink smoke on the last run through which I always applaud but they’re sometimes obscuring her. The camera work much tidied too in the third run through and it’s still certainly the party some, but.. it’s that word but again! 

Vocally, she’s superb and this is everything we expected but I’m a little bit worried some of the magic from the video is lost. This is always a problem when a great video transfers to the stage and I’m now wondering whether the initial viewer impression of Netta will be one of bemusement rather than appreciation. Israel might lose some ground in the betting. The word here is many think this is not the strong favourite the bookies would have us believe.

I think the novelty of the clucking is now a little lost with the dancers also doing the chicken moves, it seems they are playing on it too much. Also I don’t like the dancers starting on the bridge, the performance really only comes to life when they are interacting with Netta. Hmmm, I’m still unsure which way this is going to go. 

Image Credits: Andres Putting.