Australia – Still the proverbial ‘dog’s dinner’ on screen

A backing dancer for Australias Kate Miller-Heidke at Eurovision 2019

This still looked absolutely fucking ridiculous on the TV Screens. That said, they managed to iron out earlier issues with the matte world on the television screens, but Kate was still flung around the stage in the final minute of the song, and appeared to rotate into one of the backing singers on more than one occasion.

I also suspect (quite heavily) that Kate wasn’t doing all of the lead singing, because, well … she’s on a bloody bungee stick contraption, and who would be able to?

I’m still not happy that in the final minute the narrative got handed to off-stage backing singers, insofar as Kate didn’t sing “Nothing holding me down” – which I think she should. In truth, though, that’s a minor quibble, after all, SBS have clearly bought into the concept and performance.

I’m not too sure how the viewing and voting public will react.

Qualifying? Sadly Yes