Austria – Cry baby


Paenda was the last act from the semi-finals for today – after a break we’ll be seeing the Big Five and Israel.

The background was kept simple with stars coming out to shine – recreating the video to some extent. It was a very intimate presentation, and it worked far better than with Latvia. Worth noting that Austria was the only act (so far) to make use of the triangles set above the stage.

Most of the technical rehearsal run-throughs were in black and white, but colour came into play today, with bursts of yellow (sunlight?) as she ended her song.

I’m almost sure the juries will rank this in their top ten, so there will be points coming her way, but I’m not convinced it can score highly enough with televoters in a tough semi-final.

Qualifying: Borderline

Abso-bloody-lutely beautiful. Perfectly performed, simple staging, this is the understated flesh tingler that’ll either surprise many or go totally unnoticed. Hopefully the former. EUROVISION APOCALYPSE