Azerbaijan – Last of the day

That's the 'Truth': Azerbaijan finishes second rehearsal

Chingiz didn’t need to change a lot, and he hadn’t, although this time through, we saw on-screen swirls. coupled with yet another screen effect of him rising up from the stage to go back inside his body (like having an out of body experience). Elsewhere, Chingiz was still being molested by robot arms, lasers and the like which was all good and there was very little choreography for him to do.

The song is definitely an earworm (in a good way) and will be helped by coming at the end of the contest, sticking in the memory and all that. The question remains, as it runs out of ideas musically in the last 30 seconds, might that count against Azerbaijan … or is it more of a groove than a song?

Qualifying? YES

Despite staging, the camerawork and cuts feel too slow and languid. the first minute is very long. This is not a winner.ESCTips

And that’s your lot for Saturday – Yes, even the rehearsals are slacking off at 3pm (local time, other time zones are available) this afternoon.