Et Finalement, Serbia


And to round off one of the hardest (and hottest) days I can ever remember at Eurovision, we came to Serbia … and boy, what an ending!

The stage background started out white to contrast her black dress, and there was a wind machine, but this quickly became music to slit your wrists by, and I just couldn’t warm to it.

I suppose, ‘Kruna’ isn’t intrinsically bad, and the vocal was spot on; Nevena didn’t miss a note, but she sounded and looked pained, singing about giving herself to some unseen man. Quite frankly, he can have her, if it shuts her up.

Overall, this was below standard Balkan plodder, and that’s a problem. It just came across on screen as ice cold rather than a warming love ballad. Nevena failed to sell the song, and that’s going to be its undoing.

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5 years ago

Summary day 1-

Cyprus – seems to be ready, performance wise. Vocals are still a mystery because of lack of sound at the press center.

Czech republic – Effective staging for a bouncy song.

Finland – Vocals are just bad.

Poland- Static and uninspiring

Slovenia- in same form as NF and still lack connection with the viewer at home

Montenegro – Still not working as a group and the vocals are bad

Hungary – staging make a difference

Belarus – Messy is an understatement

Serbia – Another case where staging makes a difference. In this case the vocals are also good.

That’s all folks 🙂