Malta – Undoing the magic of Television

Michela Pace at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019

I’m going to let you into a secret here, OnEuropeans, the Maltese appeared to be using a classic trick to fool us into believing that Michela was singing all of the words of this song.  They did a Cyprus and, we think, drafted in Destiny, the Junior Eurovision Winner from a couple of years ago to vocally assist.

What’s given rise to this suspicion? Well, I’m sat next to a musician and a music journalist who tell me the Maltesers were “double tracking”: basically Michela did the easy bits, and Destiny took care of all the twiddly bits and assisted for the wobbly notes.

Now, we’ve no official proof of this (and of course the delegation won’t ever confirm our theory) but …

Anyway, back to what we could watch on the screen: our very average televoter will see a teenager having fun in her hood with a lot of back-projected graphics that blend with the lyrics … however they were being sung.

The whole performance felt really fresh and happy and Michela didn’t put a foot wrong throughout the rehearsals.