Moldova – Alyosha wants her staging back


So, after a hearty lunch (chicken in a pitta with hummus and salad, thanks for asking!), I came back and had to do some audio editing for another project I do here.

In the meantime, the Moldovans took to the stage  at their new allotted time. If I am being honest with you, dear reader, it passed me by.

I was totally distracted by the sand artist she’s got on stage – cos that’s never been done before at a Eurovision, oh dear me no.

Unlike when the on-stage effect rendered a meandering ballad watchable in 2011, this meandering ballad relied on pre-recorded footage – it looked unnaturally fast on the backing screens and the actual artist seemed not to be in time with what was being projected.

The song is unremarkable with or without the sandbox, and even Roy D Hacksaw of this parish couldn’t hum how it went after hearing it for 30 minutes.

Damning criticism indeed.