Norway – Three don’t become one


My first thought on this run-through was: “Why does the lead singer (Tom) look like he’s dressed for a uniform fetish party?” He seemed to have shined his dress uniform and the brass buttons really stuck out.

The presentation and production was a bit like the song: a sandwich. There was the obligatory backdrop reference to the Northern Lights in both the first and last parts, with Sami joiking in the middle.

I can imagine any irreverent broadcaster making the Swedish Chef joke again, because to British ears it really did sound like it.

Also, the trio had no discernible on-screen chemistry, looking like three soloists that just happened to find themselves sharing a stage. They very rarely, if at all, looked at each other.

My suspicion was that this relied more heavily on a concept rather than the song itself, because as a piece of music it’s fair to middling at best.

It’s qualifying, just, mainly because Norway has chums voting in this semi.

The National Final was their best performance but this is still a decent entry. Smoky floor effect and pyro during the joik solo. Still a fairly certain qualifier for me.Tellystats