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Expo Tel Aviv for Eurovision rehearsals

It was a long day in Tel Aviv, with all of the countries getting their second chance to shine in the Eurovision spotlight. The second rehearsals are (in theory) the last chance for delegations to make any changes to how their song will be staged before the paying public gets to see rehearsals next week.

As a special bonus, fans were treated to short multi-camera clips of each rehearsal from the official feed – as opposed to the single camera feed we saw during the first run-through. We’ve uploaded them to our reports as they came online.

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Tomorrow is the last really long day, and we’ll see the first run-through of Israel and the Big Five. I’ll be here (hopefully) to the bitter end.

Here’s what I thought …

Tam, kudy ya ydu[O]3257
VeganJerry Heil75132Q
PichKatya Chilly4375
Drown me downCloudless55104
Feeling so lostGio2466
Save itAssol1128