Live Blog – 2011 Eurovision Song Contest – Semi Final 2 – Jury Rehearsal

This is a blog based on an audio feed from the hall.

We missed the first 2 and got to Witloof Bay – NOT QUALIFYING

Slovakia – They can sing, the backing singers cant – I cant imagine that the juries are going to vote for this in numbers tonight – NOT QUALIFYING

Ukraine – Vocally good, but I feel that the sand is still distracting enough to get any televotes, but it could pick the jury scores, but not enough i feel. NOT SURE

Moldova – This has everything just by listening to it – Visually from what I have seen, not so much but helll, it’s gonna be bonkers enough to get through. Though it feels a tad too long! QUALIFYING

Sweden – It still sounds all over the shop, Eric could be holding back, but its the wrong night to have done that – I think tat this might have done him in the juries minds and will need to be caught up in the Televote, but its a long way back NOT SURE

Cyprus – Still works on an aural level. Complete contrast to the sillyness of Sweden, properly ethinc and decent. This should get through as of right – the Juries will love it and so will a portion of the voters. QUALIFYING

To Wrap up – Both Austria and Bosnia are QUALIFYING by the way!

Bulgaria – she has nailed it so it appears – sounds so good on the audio feed. People have their worries about this, but on that evidence she has nailed the juries and will get enough Televotes for sure QUALIFYING

FYR Macedonia – Still not qualifying. NOT QUALIFYING

Israel – she may pwn the stage alledgedly, but she is still not doing anything that the juries will like, it may get the televotes but its still flat as a pancake. It does have its constituency though so….. NOT SURE

Slovenia – this should walk into the final. Its still a contrast to those that have come before. ( Its better in Slovene though) QUAILFYING

Romania – Confirms everything that we know – Its competent and going through with a bullet – though the clapping bit is annoying! QUALIFYING

Estonia – I have £20 on this not qualifying. It’s certainly a lot better than it was this afternoon, but I still think it has a Suntribe vibe about it failing spectacularly on its arse, especiallly in the last minute where it all went terribly wrong with the backing singers. This is heading down the pan NOT QUALIFYING

Belarus – I’d love it to – but no. NOT QUALIFYING

Latvia – Still an album track – but compared with the 2 that have gone before, it might have got some jury votes. NOT SURE

Denmark – Competant song by competant band. Plodder and note perfect – QUALIFYING

IrelandQUALIFYING just because!!