Eurovision hosts 2017

Tonight at 21:00 CEST/20:00 UK/Portugal, contestants from 18 countries will compete for ten spots in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final.  You can watch the show live on TV (BBC4 in the UK) or follow the stream on If technology permits, I'll be here to live blog and you are welcome to tell me how I haven't a clue what I'm on about in the comments box below.


  1. Belgium – As much as I could hear, she nailed the vocals almost 100%. There was moment she was having a tiny smile.I think she got some good vibes from the crowd who was very sportive.

  2. Montenegro – Was singing off key from start to end.On top of that he was breathless most of the time(but that’s Malta in semi 2)

  3. Armenia – I still don’t understand why this is so loved.Just to show u that I don’t understand the contest 100%

  4. Latvia – she is also off key. to some part of the songs. It’s messy and aggressive and definitely not tv friendly

  5. Sweden(i forgot them) – He was not so sharp vocally. Very un- Swedish who usually get the vocals always spot on

  6. The reprise for Belgium is awful. In the reprise clip she is totally out of tune. Very bad choice

  7. Having seen all the songs I would predict Portugal, Armenia and Finland are shoe-ins. I also think Azerbaijan, Greece, Poland, Moldova and Cyprus are likely.
    I’d really like the last two qualifiers to be Slovenia (which was the surprise of the night for me) and Iceland but I suspect it will be Australia and creepy as hell Sweden.

  8. So gutted for Finland. It is not your usual jolly song but the lady can sing and render emotion. And what a joke to have Greece in the final instead

  9. Really poor semi-final in my opinion. Devastated for Finland. Seriously WTF?
    And sorry I just don’t get the Portugal and Italy hype. I find both songs extremely irritating. No doubt they’ll come first and second in the final.

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