Eesti Laul

After what is, as usual, a decent semi-final from Estonia we have our first 5 qualifiers for EestiLaul 2018.   Four of which were done by Televote and Jury (50/50) and the fifth by a second round of Televoting.

Someone needs to tell Estonia it isn't Hungary!! - but the results are shown below.

Song Performer(s)
Everybody's dressed Aden Ray
On my mind Desiree
La forza Elina Netšajeva  Q
Külm Etnopatsy
Drop that boogie Iiris & Agoh  Q
Pseudoprobleem Miljardid
Thousand words Sibyl Vane  Q
Home Stig Rästa  Q
Näita oma energiat Tiiu x Okym x Semy
Laura (walk with me) Vajé  Q