Closest MF since 1978 – One point in it…


Melodifestivalen always seems to disappoint me, but not this year. First off, Felix Sandman – many peoples idea of the favourite – came tenth in the televote after mopping up jury points … and then, it came down to a one point shoot- out, which makes it the closest result since that classic tied contest in 1978.

As you can see by the results table below, the Mamas – who backed up John Lundvik to a 6th place finish last year – have taken the crown in their own right this time round, with their little ditty entitled “Move” – which is what I hope they’ll do come Rotterdam time.

This marks the first time there have been back-to-back winners of the Melodifestivalen since Family Four in 1971 and 1972. The contest is dialling back the old times tonight!

Alvan & Ahez"Fulenn"Marine Lavigne, Alvan Morvan Rosius
Cyprien Zeni"Ma famille"Cyprien Zeni, Stéphane Petrequi, Nicolas Lassus
Elia"Téléphone"Elia, Anibeatz
Elliott"La tempête"Elliott Schmitt, François Welgryn, Aliose, Gaspard Murphy
Hélène in Paris"Paris mon amour"Hélène Benhamou, Virginie Lesdemia, David Lefèvre
Joan"Madame"Joan, Alex Finkin
Joanna"Navigateure"Joanna Fouquet, Sutus, Gaspard Murphy
Julia"Chut"Julia Fiquet, Alban Lico, Fabien Mettay, Anton Wick
Marius"Les chansons d'amour"Marius Niollet, Igit , Jonathan Cagne
Pauline Chagne"Nuit Pauline"Pauline Chagne, Antonin Tardy
Saam"Il est où ?"Saam, Ness, Charles Boccara
Soa"Seule"LudySoa, NathanSoa