Yes, it comes to something when the major news from the Supernova second semi final is that Riga Beaver, the panto beaver that fills in for the adverts on the international feed, is back "in some form" it is said this evening - whatever that means.    In between him (or her) making an appearance there are going to be seven songs for your delectation and delight.

Quick reminder - Seven songs with two through to a final in a couple of weeks time.  Markus Riva is possibly the best known having been in this contest a couple of times previously but in a shock move he did not qualify!!! - The highlighted ones below did though!

Song Performer(s)
Pray Hypnotic
Esamība MADARA
This Time Markus Riva
Sunset In My Head
Who's Counting? Ritvars
1000 Roses Monta
Stop the War U2 Riga Reggae


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